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Of Mice & Men

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Of Mice & Men Assignment Choices

Write a 600-1200 words assignment in answer to one of the following two questions, The assignment will be written in class during lessons from 16-24 October and must be submitted for assessment to timdunne53@gmail.com by Midnight Friday 27th October.


  1.  How does Steinbeck use foreshadowing in the first four chapters of Of Mice & Men to prepare us for the tragedy of the final two chapters?


  1. Imagine that you are Slim at the end of the story and you are giving your statement to the police to help with their investigation into Lennie’s death.

Think back over what has happened in the novel and write your account of the events since George and Lennie arrived on the ranch two days ago. Some of the things you might like to describe are:

Remember you need to decide whether or not you are going to tell the police the truth about George or are you going to maintain the lie he creates by pretending to have found Curly’s Wife’s body in the barn with the rest of the men and that he shot Lennie in self-defence.