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In October 2017 I started a second Master’s Degree, this time in Creative Writing and in a moment of rash insanity, I opted to take Poetry as my Primary Genre. I think it has turned out to be a wise choice.

At the end of the first year of the course I published a slim volume of my poems, taking the final project name as the title for my book, Talking With The Ghost of My Past & Othr Poem. The poems in this section mostly deal with the adolescent and teen years I spent in London from 1962-1972. They start with my First Holy Communion in 1960 and end with the death of my first child in 1990. You can see links to various poems in this section of the book below. I have also included below the text of a poem I wrote after the book was published, but which will be included in the second edition.



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Talking With the Ghosts of my Past

First Communion 1960

Blue Murder On A Saturday Night -1960    

Zoo Tomorrow - 1963  

Lament For A Purple Bicycle - 1964  

24 Eastlake Road - 1964  

Sanctuary - 1964  

When Did You Last See Your Father? - 1964  

Minet Library -1969  

Eunice - 1969  

Grandad’s Last Tune - 1970  

Sham Marriage - 1985  

That Sinking Feeling - 1986  

Ever Loving Son -1988  

Kathleen - 1990  

Fathercare - 1990  


Talking with the ghosts of my past.

In the small hours of the night you come to me,
the ghosts of my past.
Some friendly, some painful, 
all holding up a mirror to my former self.
You come to me to talk.
of the little failures, or the big success, 
or the little successes and
the bigger failures.
Never judgemental, these ghosts of my past,

show me where I went right, 
where I was wrong.

But you are the ghosts who made me,

who I am today.